Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Como estas..

Whatzzup guys..

I'm so excited to try this latest haul of mine..😄

From maybelline again.. ikr..what can i do? I love maybelline!😍💞

I bought them from amazon..

Superstay better skin line--Foundation, concealer and skin-transforming powder..

Must try!!!😗


Hey guys!

I've been here in the land of milk and honey for a month already! Whew, time flies so fast talaga.. there were a lot of adjustments which is just normal for a new resident in a foreign land..a lot of things to do.. but i managed to squeeze in time for...shopping! 😉

My first medyo mahal na bag-elalu..coach lng sya..hehe

Bought it at tannersville..at 50% discount!

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