Monday, September 25, 2017

L'oreal setting spray

I've always liked l'oreal paris products..
When you say l'oreal, you can be assured of quality..
I bought this L'OREAL INFALLIBLE Makeup extender setting spray for a long lasting finish on my makeup!

Have fun!😉

Bath&BodyWorks aromatherapy line

Hey y'all..😄

Mga gurlss...try this lotion!👌

This is so bango and nakaka-relax talaga..😍

Bath&BodyWorks aromatherapy stress relief!

Have fun!

V8 juice

Hi hi hello guys..!

While shopping at walmart, i discovered these!!! V8 juice..v8 energy..
( nakakauhaw mag-shopping hehe). In fairness, they tastes good!😉

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Hello hello peeps!

Today is the day that i'll be starting my night duties so i'm kinda feeling @#*&¥₩!!! Aaarghhhh.. can't explain it guys...I guess It'll be okay in due time.."You're a nurse, pinili mo yan eh hehe.."
God help me pls!😍😍😍..

Anyways, i bought this Garnier SkinActive  Micellar Cleansing Water to help me remove my makeup after duty! So even if i'm tamad to wash my face, i have garnier!!!

It's an all-in-1 makeup remover plus it cleanses and refreshes the face!
For all skin types even sensitive skin..👯

So for us who are always plakda na after duty and just wanna lie down after a gruelling 8-hrs in the hospital, use this to thoroughly clean your face!😍

Good vibes!❤💖💟

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hey y'all.. como estas peeps..

Nowadays, people are turning more and more organic.. and that's because we all know preservatives are a big no no.. those are bad news for our health! Even though organic items are expensive, we have to choose them coz we will all benefit in the long run..agree?

So I came across these organic skincare from ORGANIC DOCTOR..

They're so effective guyss!!

Try their bioactive skincare organic Rose Otto face mask, scrub and facial serum!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Como estas..

Whatzzup guys..

I'm so excited to try this latest haul of mine..😄

From maybelline again.. ikr..what can i do? I love maybelline!😍💞

I bought them from amazon..

Superstay better skin line--Foundation, concealer and skin-transforming powder..

Must try!!!😗


Hey guys!

I've been here in the land of milk and honey for a month already! Whew, time flies so fast talaga.. there were a lot of adjustments which is just normal for a new resident in a foreign land..a lot of things to do.. but i managed to squeeze in time! 😉

My first medyo mahal na lng sya..hehe

Bought it at 50% discount!

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