Friday, September 16, 2011

Ms. Kris... again and again

I'm just so enamored with her, plain and simple. I am a fan of hers no matter what they say about her; I just don't care..
I like her wit, charm and honesty.
Yes, she's Ms. Kris Aquino, celebrity and mother, featured again in YES magazine.
Known as the 'Queen of All Media', she now shares her One Roxas Triangle twin condo units (registered in the names of Josh and Bimby, her two sons).

 Kris Aquino

i like the green preserved topiaries on the table
The  Laguna Unit (of her son Josh)

i luv those red plush balls!

with  her fave bright colors-red and violet

walk-in closet with her treadmill (to motivate her to keep her figure)

Forbes Unit of her son Bimby
 features purple, green and red colors

 i love the tufted purple couch

nice color combinations

Ms. Kris likes to cook; she has so many cooking books
 her kitchen

her bedroom in  pink-her fave color
the jeepney bed of Josh, of course in yellow

The two condo units were designed by sisters Ivy and Cynthia Almario of Atelier Almario. Truly classy!

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