Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top endorsers of 2011!

I really believe in the power of advertising.  When you see something new on TV commercials, you want to try it immediately right? Whether it be soaps, shampoos, detergents and what not..Especially if your favorite celebrity endorses it..

I bought YES! magazine yesterday because I want to read about the "20 TOP ENDORSERS OF 2011."
My fave Kris Aquino tops the list due to her professionalism and credibility earning her lots of endorsements thus fattening up her bank account by hundreds of millions of pesos..Her manager, deo Endrinal is right when he said that Kris Aquino has become a pop culturtal icon! Indeed a part of our culture..kabog!

Next on the list are:
2. John Lloyd Cruz
3. Sharon Cuneta
4. Piolo Pascual
5. Carmina, Zoren, Mavy and Cassy
6. Marian Rivera
7. Kim Chiu
8. Robin Padilla
9. Sarah Geronimo
10. Judy Ann Santos
11. Vic Sotto
12.Anne Curtis
13. Angel Locsin
14. Boy Abunda
15. KC Concepcion
16. Ryan Agoncillo
17. Dingdong Dantes
18. Gerald Anderson and Bea alonzo
19. Jericho Rosales and Michael V.
20.Ai-Ai Delas Alas and Derek Ramsay

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