Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Foodie Post

MOA's beginning to be the hang-out of choice because of its proximity to our respective abodes.. :))

We encountered this cute baby (half Filipino-half Aussie) while waiting at Starbucks..


sarap pisil-pisilin!

 hu u???

Our latest escapade aka 'food trip'.. UCC Coffee


 nice wall design

 moi :)

 tom jones :(

 food buddy: CHAS

 food buddy: DORIS

 food buddy: LUCHIE wih Doris

 u already! (mg-pose ba?)

 ok, enough with us posing..

The FOoD + verdict :
 Salmon and Spinach Penne with Cream Sauce
yummy 4/5

yummy 4/5

Choco French Toast
super yum
 hamburg rice
yummy 4/5

almond roca cooler
not to my liking :(

Then after shopping for clothes for a friend's wedding, we chilled at Gweilo's and listened to bands..

san mig apple flavor

we supah dupah enjoyed d day!

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