Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Trip!

-A literally cool trip, this Baguio sojourn of ours..
We got there at around 4 AM! So we were all yelling, "Ang laaammiggggg!" after alighting from the bus..
Good thing there was an open Chowking Resto nearby, we ordered hot noodles..After eating, we walked around Session Road, bought coffee at 7-11, then off to Supreme Hotel.

And then.. lakwatsa galore!
Mines View
Burnham Park
The Mansion
Botanical Garden
Strawberry Farm (not!) as it was raining.....sigh...

We were thrilled because the FX  fares were so reasonable!

 Hotel Supreme

view from the hotel window

 sa bus :)

mine's view (wishing spot)

Session Road

 Burnham Park

 Strawberry Taho (Like!)

 Yummy strawberries

 Baguio Cathedral

 At SM Baguio

 Mines View

 Mines View

 SM Baguio

 SM Tokyo Tokyo

 Burnham Park
Boat Ride Php 60

 SM Baguio

SM Baguio
Jenny, Roseann and Rica

So enjoyable!


A week ago, I told myself, "I better stop buying accessories!" I keep on buying earrings, bracelets and neckpieces, my wallet's beginning to complain..
As with everything I have resolved to do; so far, it usually falls on deaf ears sad to say.. :))
But then, I always have an excuse-- "I just buy relatively inexpensive things so as not to stress you, my dear wallet."
I got me 2 new necklaces!

 Php 250
made-to-0rder from Elvie 7112840
 Php 250



 They're so cute, I just can't resist! hmmm.

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