Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manaoag Sojourn

Our Lady Of Manaoag will always have a special place in my heart. Almost all of my wishes to her were granted.. Except for one.. :)) And I know there's a reason why there are unanswered prayers..Only time will help us realize..Even the falling of a leaf has a reason as the saying goes.

Rea (my long-time friend) and Santi (Rea's friend) were with me on this trip. At 6:30 AM, we were there at Sto. Domingo Church to join the other members of the pilgrimage. 3 buses were there to accommodate all of us. We were assigned at bus #2.

At around 8:30, we stopped at Luisita Mall and then we saw this..

 Donkey Calesa (Mamang Driver/ Owner told us he was interviewed by Ms. Korina Sanchez recently)

At 10 am, we arrived at Manaoag Church safely..

 We were elated upon learning that Fr. Jerry Orbos would officiate the 11 am mass..The homily was super..
One thing I will never forget was what he said: "The more you worry, the more you hurry to the cemetery."
So don't ever ever worry folks! :))


 I was surprised with the new developments in the area.. There was a new structure built for those who want to light candles.
 Candle Lighting

 Me after lighting candles

 Our Lady of Manaoag

 Floating candles

 It was a worthwhile trip!
So thankful!

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