Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Want Nago?

Another thirst-quencher for the summer season...
With taro and nago, super texture.. winner!

 so many different flavors to choose from

 My favorite: Choco Loco Super

Quick! Lets go  to QUICKLY!

Really Whitens Skin!

If you want to have fair skin, here's one to try:  MESTIZA  Complete Herbal Soap
Active Ingredients: Papaya, Banana, Carrot, Virgin Coconut Oil and Calamansi

Wow, that's a lot of ingredients. So, that's why they named it complete! :))
Imagine 5 whitening ingredients in one soap?! "Pag di ka pa naman pumuti nyan!"

Actually, a friend of mine has been using this soap for months already and I can really see the difference.
Although they say I already have fair skin, I still want to try  because I'm fond of papaya soaps.

Php: 43
Available at Mercury Drug Stores

(written at the back)
For pimples, black spots, stains on skin, sunburn, blisters, acne, skin allergies, hemorrhoids, bad odor, psoriasis, baldness, etc.

Disclaimer:  product not sent for review

A 2-Dog-Day-AfternoOn and OOTD

So hot that sunday afternoon and we decided to visit our fave place once again--Mall of Asia, to chill, relax and see that beautiful sunset accompanied by..... 2 dogs!

Tiny and Kikay, the 2 cute, big dogs of Grace were vaccinated that afternoon at Animal House.

Me and Grace with
Kikay and Tiny (not so tiny huh)

lakwatcherang frogs
 Grace--the doggie-lover

Top: Bayo
Jeans: Jag
Sandals: Rob Place Tiangge
Bag: Gift from Aunt Baby (from Saudi)

We also chilled-out at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ordered blueberry cheesecake and brewed coffee.
As usual, chismis galore and lovelife scrutiny followed, while people-watching..

rich and not too sweet cheesecake=yum!

A relaxed but fun aftenoOn accomplished!

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