Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cafe Mary Grace

As much as I love chocolates, I've decided to limit my choco intake because I'm afraid to have diabetes..Yes folks, diabetes is on the rise. So prevention is better than the cure :))

But Cafe Mary Grace is always the kontrabida.. joke! Always beckoning me to indulge!

I love this quaint cafe..Located at the second floor, MidTown Wing of Robinson's Place, Malate. I feel at home whenever I'm there..

 Cute Menu

 Sweet oldies

Menu with family pictures

 Letters of satisfied customers underneath the glass tables


Nice touch; conversation starter...

You'll love their rich Tsokolates!

 Mexicana Tsokolate: spiked with cinnamon and chili

Food for the Gods: truly heavenly

The pastries are to die for...

Rhea's mini-makeover

My friend Rhea wanted to learn how to apply make-up. She turns to me but I said I'm not a pro yet girl... :)

As we looked for the basics ( like foundation, eyeshadows, liners, blush-on and lipsticks), I asked the sales clerk of Revlon if she can help teach Rhea how to apply make-up.

She bought a lipstick and foundation.

 Revlon Colorburst in carnation

She knows how to apply lipstick now!

In time, she'll be able to add on other make-up essentials to her kikay kit!

Shawarma at Salas St.

We were all craving for shawarma that day. Where to eat though?   We wanted to try a new place..  "Let's eat at Salas St. Malate," Luchie said.

Shawarma Snack Center at Salas St., Malate
So near OMMC and Robinson's Place

 3 for 120

 So many selections

 beefy goodness

 with Madel and Luchie

What an appetite! :)
Both: 4 shawarmas+2 yogurt shakes

2 shawarmas+yogurt shake

The verdict: The beef was good; although too salty for my taste.
The prices are just right, 3 for 120


The dad was actually ripping a job rejection letter.. haha! Baby micah sympathizes with daddy :))

Nichido kabuki brush

I intend to collect quality makeup brushes. I believe you should own durable and soft-bristled makeup brushes for easy and efficient makeup application.

I came across this kabuki brush at SM Dept Store

Fully-rounded, soft to touch nylon brush
offers full coverage

I've tried this brush a couple of times already and its nylon brush is so soft (too soft for me though), but it is nice to use when applying loose powder.

Php 238
SM department Store

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