Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tomorrow we'll get to see the most amazing show--OSCAR 2011..

With two of the hottest stars now in hollywood as hosts--James Franco (i so liked him in "127 hours") and Anne Hathaway ( i so liked her in "Love and other Drugs").

yummy makis at 50% off!

With nothing to do after a day's work, we (Rhea and I) decided to visit Asia's biggest--MOA

Craving for japanese, we headed towards TEMPURA resto.

My eyes went wild and my tummy too when I learned that TEMPURA MOA is offering 50% off on all makis..From 2-5 pm every monday thru friday..

We beamed as we gorged on these yumminess.

 Uncle Sam's Maki

 Ebi Maki Salad

Firecrackers Maki


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