Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've been wanting to get rich for the longest time..( hehe ) Would'nt it be great if I can buy all the things I want and take vacations wherever it pleases me? I bet you'd want that kind of freedom too..

So I'm always asking myself: "How in hell can i be a rich person?"
That's just my one greatest wish right now..:))

Having financial intelligence is also my highest priority because I'm not getting any younger and I really want to prepare for my 'worry-free retirement'.

So, I've been reading books like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Colayco's books, 'The Secret', The Science of getting rich, Bo Sanchez's books, 'Think and Grow Rich', etc..and I have learned so much, really..

But the hardest part is the execution of the priciples, so to speak. :))

Here are some pointers I want to share:
  • Income-savings=expenses
  • Invest
  • get additional income
  • be generous
  • stop using credit cards
  • buy only what is essential
  • start saving early
  • get into business you love
And lately, I watch Pesos and Sense, my new favorite show by Aya Layra.

Do watch folks and you'll definitely learn a lot!

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