Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've been wanting to get rich for the longest time..( hehe ) Would'nt it be great if I can buy all the things I want and take vacations wherever it pleases me? I bet you'd want that kind of freedom too..

So I'm always asking myself: "How in hell can i be a rich person?"
That's just my one greatest wish right now..:))

Having financial intelligence is also my highest priority because I'm not getting any younger and I really want to prepare for my 'worry-free retirement'.

So, I've been reading books like 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Colayco's books, 'The Secret', The Science of getting rich, Bo Sanchez's books, 'Think and Grow Rich', etc..and I have learned so much, really..

But the hardest part is the execution of the priciples, so to speak. :))

Here are some pointers I want to share:
  • Income-savings=expenses
  • Invest
  • get additional income
  • be generous
  • stop using credit cards
  • buy only what is essential
  • start saving early
  • get into business you love
And lately, I watch Pesos and Sense, my new favorite show by Aya Layra.

Do watch folks and you'll definitely learn a lot!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Latest Haul

As usual, I'm gonna post some makeup haul (as I can't live without them!).
I'm very much a makeup junkie (as if you didn't know! :)) ).

I'm back with an earlier fave of mine which is L'oreal's True Match Foundie!

 True Match Super Blendable Two Way Powder Foundation in golden beige

And my all-time favorite lipstick--Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Sienna
Php 895

I also bought In2It's Waterproof EyeBrow Colour
Php 299.75

luv, luv, luv!

A foodie post: Conti's

Trinoma that day (Sept. 25) was packed to the core, full of people shopping, eating or just plain window shopping. They are there nothwithstanding the latest news tragedy about the gun-crazy teenager that killed a fellow teenager (lover?).

Anyways Reagirl and I were at Trinoma to eat at Conti's. We were dying to eat paella and mango bravo..

so yummy!
Grilled Salmon
so yummy too!

We were also craving for phad thai so we tried eating at Mango Tree Bistro and we didn't regret it as their food was so delish..

 Phad Thai

Luv, luv, luv!

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