Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Foodie Post: Tokyo Cafe (again)

It was gimmick time once again for us and we found ourselves eating at Tokyo Cafe due to my insistence because i can't stop thinking about the shrimp pasta :)) It was the second time for me and the first time for both Chas and Doris. Good thing they liked the ebiko pasta too. Fresh shrimps satisfied our tummies! We also ordered Chicken and Cheese roll and Clubhouse Sandwich.  


 Chicken and Cheese Roll (good)
Php 260

 Chas and Doris

 Ebiko Pasta (yum!)
Php 260

 Clubhouse Sandwich (not so yum)
Php 215

 Doris and moi

Tokyo Cafe reminds me so much of UCC. But I enjoyed myself more at UCC probably because UCC's has more choices...

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