Sunday, June 26, 2011

Almost Missed It!

I hate rainy days and floods; moreso if i have something important to do the day it rains! whew!!

"Hindi namn ako galit?!"  :))

I braved the heavy rains and decided to go to the Varekai show at Quirino Grandstand yesterday, June 24..It was something I'm really really looking forward to watch and I guess nothing, not even Falcon can stop me. I was thinking maybe they will cancel the show but my instinct is telling me otherwise. I couldn't contact the ticketing office nor was there a notice on the CirqueduSoleil website.. sigh.. So much wasted load..

So finally I arrived at the venue at exactly 3:30 PM..Yes, that close..Fortunately, seats near the front rows were vacant so they allowed me to sit near the stage! YEY!!!

I could't care less even if i was alone. Cameras were not allowed so I was not able to take shots. The costumes were really colorful; aerial acrobatics were so amazing!

I was awed.

So glad I pushed through.

 the girl in the poster was so good..boneless yta sya :))

 wet wet wet grand chapiteau

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