Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nichido kabuki brush

I intend to collect quality makeup brushes. I believe you should own durable and soft-bristled makeup brushes for easy and efficient makeup application.

I came across this kabuki brush at SM Dept Store

Fully-rounded, soft to touch nylon brush
offers full coverage

I've tried this brush a couple of times already and its nylon brush is so soft (too soft for me though), but it is nice to use when applying loose powder.

Php 238
SM department Store

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  1. I've bought this one last year, it's really a great brush and for a cheap price too! I like your blog and I just wanted to share a tip on storage for this brush, I found that it can fit inside a film canister (the one used for film cameras). It does peep out a little but at least the bristles becomes compact. Compact enough to fit in a kikay kit and won't fray or be damaged by other stuff inside your bag.


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