Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cafe Mary Grace

As much as I love chocolates, I've decided to limit my choco intake because I'm afraid to have diabetes..Yes folks, diabetes is on the rise. So prevention is better than the cure :))

But Cafe Mary Grace is always the kontrabida.. joke! Always beckoning me to indulge!

I love this quaint cafe..Located at the second floor, MidTown Wing of Robinson's Place, Malate. I feel at home whenever I'm there..

 Cute Menu

 Sweet oldies

Menu with family pictures

 Letters of satisfied customers underneath the glass tables


Nice touch; conversation starter...

You'll love their rich Tsokolates!

 Mexicana Tsokolate: spiked with cinnamon and chili

Food for the Gods: truly heavenly

The pastries are to die for...

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