Saturday, February 19, 2011

CONVICTION-An Inspirational Movie

I admit I cry a lot whenever I watch inspirational-touching-feel-good-true story movies. I remember I cried buckets of tears after I watched 'Awakenings', 'Pursuit of Happyness', 'Billy', 'Castaway', and a lot more actually.

And I cried many times while watching this inspirational, true-story film CONVICTION.

This is the true-story of Betty Ann Waters, a single mother who clawed her way to get a law degree just so she could help and defend her brother Kenny Waters who was wrongly convicted of murder.

The film spans 30 years, strewn with flashbacks of Betty and Kenny's childhood depicting their closeness as brother and sister. After Kenny's conviction, she loses herself to her one goal of exonerating her brother, sacrificing her family life and never once gave up on his case. Until the discovery of DNA testing at crime scenes which was what really saved the case and the unbelievable determination of Betty Ann, Kenny was finally released from prison after 18 years.

The amazing Hillary Swank portrays Betty Waters and as usual delivers a moving and enthralling performance. Sam Rockwell also delivered a riveting
and intense acting as Kenny Waters. Too bad the Oscars snubbed this movie..

Tony Goldwyn as director was able to make this film really captivating to the audience.

A must-see!

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