Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bonding with Fritzie over Jamaican Patties and coffee

She never runs out of stories to tell and she always laughs infectiously and heartily (probably with a decibel of 20?)..Well, that's my friend Grace Fritzie..

We bonded this afternoon over brewed coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Power Plant). We also ate jamaican patties (I forgot to take pics), spicy tuna pasta and cakes from Becky's. Spell PIG-OUT.. :))

Whew! We both have such hearty appetites, i tell yah. We also love to try new restos; yes folks, foodies at large! If there's a new restaurant within our sensitive radars, we'll surely try it. But we don't gravitate towards the high-end restos yet because we're still saving for them haha.. But I've already told her about the ones I want to try in the near future--Bistecca, Spiral, Sugi and Inagiku.

cravings satisfied.. :)

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