Monday, February 28, 2011

My bets won!!!

Woohoo! Congratulations to Natalie Portman and Christian Bale for winning the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Awards respectively.

So now I'm telling you guys, watch "The Black Swan" and "The Fighter" and you won't regret it. :))

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tomorrow we'll get to see the most amazing show--OSCAR 2011..

With two of the hottest stars now in hollywood as hosts--James Franco (i so liked him in "127 hours") and Anne Hathaway ( i so liked her in "Love and other Drugs").

yummy makis at 50% off!

With nothing to do after a day's work, we (Rhea and I) decided to visit Asia's biggest--MOA

Craving for japanese, we headed towards TEMPURA resto.

My eyes went wild and my tummy too when I learned that TEMPURA MOA is offering 50% off on all makis..From 2-5 pm every monday thru friday..

We beamed as we gorged on these yumminess.

 Uncle Sam's Maki

 Ebi Maki Salad

Firecrackers Maki


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christian Bale in 'THE FIGHTER'

I'm now a fan of Christian Bale!

Pls watch the film and tell me how right I am that HE IS SO F&^%$#@ GOOD..Such a powerful and raw acting!

Hope he wins an academy award.

Food Trippin at Wai Ying

After a long and tiring day at the hospital, my friends and I decided to eat out (as in pig-out talaga :)) ), bond and discuss the latest chika..

"So, where do you want to eat ba?" I asked them. And they said in unison, "Chinese!" 

So off we went to Ongpin. Food trippin at the land of Chinoys, hopia and tikoy! Yey!!!

As recommended by a friend, we found ourselves at WAI YING located at Benavidez St.

Wai Ying


We were already famished when we got there. So we ordered a lot.....:)


 raddish cake

 yang chao

 beef mami

With ate Tess, Rhea and Jean
spell satisfaction!

We also ordered chicken feet (delicious!), century egg siomai and hakaw (SUPER DELISH!!!) but I was not able to take pics coz we dived-in fast and naubos agad..

The prices are definitely reasonable.

And I know for sure that I'll be back there sooner than soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bonding with Fritzie over Jamaican Patties and coffee

She never runs out of stories to tell and she always laughs infectiously and heartily (probably with a decibel of 20?)..Well, that's my friend Grace Fritzie..

We bonded this afternoon over brewed coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Power Plant). We also ate jamaican patties (I forgot to take pics), spicy tuna pasta and cakes from Becky's. Spell PIG-OUT.. :))

Whew! We both have such hearty appetites, i tell yah. We also love to try new restos; yes folks, foodies at large! If there's a new restaurant within our sensitive radars, we'll surely try it. But we don't gravitate towards the high-end restos yet because we're still saving for them haha.. But I've already told her about the ones I want to try in the near future--Bistecca, Spiral, Sugi and Inagiku.

cravings satisfied.. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CONVICTION-An Inspirational Movie

I admit I cry a lot whenever I watch inspirational-touching-feel-good-true story movies. I remember I cried buckets of tears after I watched 'Awakenings', 'Pursuit of Happyness', 'Billy', 'Castaway', and a lot more actually.

And I cried many times while watching this inspirational, true-story film CONVICTION.

This is the true-story of Betty Ann Waters, a single mother who clawed her way to get a law degree just so she could help and defend her brother Kenny Waters who was wrongly convicted of murder.

The film spans 30 years, strewn with flashbacks of Betty and Kenny's childhood depicting their closeness as brother and sister. After Kenny's conviction, she loses herself to her one goal of exonerating her brother, sacrificing her family life and never once gave up on his case. Until the discovery of DNA testing at crime scenes which was what really saved the case and the unbelievable determination of Betty Ann, Kenny was finally released from prison after 18 years.

The amazing Hillary Swank portrays Betty Waters and as usual delivers a moving and enthralling performance. Sam Rockwell also delivered a riveting
and intense acting as Kenny Waters. Too bad the Oscars snubbed this movie..

Tony Goldwyn as director was able to make this film really captivating to the audience.

A must-see!

Lady Antebellum

Am I really going COUNTRY now?! Oh no, just this song folks. :))

I love the voice of Hillary Scott and this song 'NEED YOU NOW' by Lady Antebellum( country music group from Tennessee), which won Song Of the Year and Record of the Year at the recent 53rd Grammy Awards.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How do you explain the genius, brilliant and phenomenal Coen Brothers? I so like their films very much! No Country For Old Men, FARGO and now this!

Matt Damon plays a Texas Ranger and Jeff Bridges (another fave of mine), plays Cogburn. The latter was especially outstanding in this film.

Another Oscar contender, no doubt!


Only Lady Gaga can conceptualize such an entrance at the Grammy's...

Just imagine a dramatic and intriguing entrance inside an egg, propped up above wooden stilts and being moved by 4 shirtless muscled men.

What an eggtrance!

And here's her new single "BORN THIS WAY" which they say is very much like MADONNA's "EXPRESS YOURSELF"

Sung live at the 2011 Grammy's

Monday, February 14, 2011


Yesterday was spent at Trinoma and SM North with friend REAgirl (college-friend). A pre-valentine celebration of 2 single ladies! We didn't see each other for almost 6 months; so you could just imagine the 'kwentuhans' that happened.

I wore what I call my heart blouse.
 smile naman jan (sungit ba?)

 heart at the back

 with Reagirl at Las Paellas Cafe

 Top: Kamiseta
 Jeans: Lee
 Belt: SM Dept. Store

Looking happy? Moving on... :))

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life As We Know It

Just finished watching the movie "Life As We Know It", which stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. It's about two single people suddenly thrust into parenting Sophie (their goddaughter) due to the sudden death of their bestfriends (the parents of Sophie).

It's a feel-good romantic comedy and I really liked it so much. The baby playing Sophie is so cute and she can act! :)) So adorable and huggable..

But the one I want to hug is none other than Josh Duhamel!!! SO HOT!

Fergie is so damn lucky!!!

my latest haul

There are tons of beauty products in the market and we always have this perception that local means inferior. I think not..

I've been meaning to try Fanny Serrano makeup products and this is the first on my list:

Silk shade

I bought the yellow-based tone (silk), which is perfect for asian skin says the salesperson.
Price:  Php 399

And here are the rest of my haul:

Fanny Serrano two-way cake
Revlon colorstay lipstick  in freshest cherry Php 575
Ever Bilena blush in honey Php 150

Eskinol Papaya Facial Cleanser
Purederm Brightening Essence Mask
Myra Lip Balm VitaMoisture

I forgot the prices of the last three, sorry!

Monday, February 7, 2011


My friends and I went to Robinson's Malate last Feb. 3 to eat out and bond and we came across Chinese Signs Booth..

I'm a rooster and september-born which they say makes me a perfectionist.. And I must say it's partly---TRUE! :))

But this year, as what the feng shui experts have told and written, the roosters will be unlucky.. Oh no!!!

No way Jose. So what to do now?

I'll say, PRAY!!!

Prayers are powerful, people!

I pray we all get LUCKY this year!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've always been a believer of feng shui. I like the books of Lilian Too and Maritess Allen. And recently, Feb. 1 to be exact, I found myself wandering in the streets of  Binondo and Ongpin, to find some lucky charms..

What I really, really want though are some LOVE charms. :))

I found lots of tikoy and round fruits. Plus these>>

Sherpa's Nirvana- Romance Enhancer

 Lucky Coins

After buying these charms and as guided by the owner, I lighted three incenses and prayed to the mini altar at the shop.

I'm a little bit scared really because they say that roosters are unlucky this year. I hope they are wrong..

I really hope to get lucky this year!!!

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