Sunday, January 30, 2011

yumminess from House of Polvoron

During my younger years, I was always experimenting with food. I tried to make yema, milk balls and polvoron. All of them my favorites :) What can I do? I have a sweet tooth folks! Then to make money, I will sell them to my classmates. I made a profit of course, but I was not able to sustain it probably because what was foremost on my mind back then was gimik with the barkada and crushes!

Then I became serious with my studies :)) That cooking phase was totally forgotten.

But I will always like P O L V O R O N no matter what..

 Polvoron from House of Polvoron--YUM!!!

Pili and cashew are my favorites

HOP at Trinoma

You won't regret it, promise!

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