Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love is for suckers!

My friend once told me this- "Love is for suckers only, period." Huh? "What are you talking about?" , i said.

When you love, you always have to take risks, you'll end up getting hurt eventually. Then you wallow in self-pity, suffer from low self-esteem, rebel, find another love, go through the same process again... S"#%T!!!!! WTF!! arrrrrrrrrrgh! ayoko na, you'll tell yourself, but then again you'll eventually try to love again because there's no greater gift from God than LOVE.. Whew! And you will always have that HOPE, that longing of being loved and needed again by another person because--WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT LOVE??

Yes my friend, as cliche as this may sound, love makes the world go round, haha...

I think you are right! wink, wink..=)

Friend: OK ka na ba?
Me: Not yet, but i know i will be..
Friend: Prayers help!
Me:OO naman
Friend: Labas tau! Wag ka mg-mukmok jan no!
Me: Cge
Friend: It's his loss
Me: kala ko kasi...
Friend: Hay naku, walang kwentang tao un!
Me: korek :(  (crying...)

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