Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 stages of coping

My heart was mashed and crushed recently. I was really heartbroken. I felt used, cheated and betrayed.

Me: Ang tanga-tanga ko!
Friendship: Hindi no! Sya ang gago.

Me: sinungaling sya
Friendship: dati na

How do you deal with the loss of a loved one? Or any life-changing situation for that matter (illness or divorce) Do you cry buckets of tears, wallow in self-pity, feel hopeless, get angry.. Each one of us will have unique responses
to different situations. But according to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a Psychiatrist who wrote the book-On Death and Dying,  there are 5 stages of coping that many people follow.


1. Denial- not me!
2. Anger- why me?
3. Bargaining- give me more time
4. Depression- loneliness if bargaining doesnt work
5. Acceptance- moving on

Not everyone will feel these psychological responses chronologically or completely. Not all of us will experience or go through the five stages. What we will experience with an illness or a loss will be as unique and as different as who we are as individuals.

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