Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two glam lipsticks!

I'm using 2 glam lipsticks these days. They are the long-wear kind. I'm all for long-wear lipsticks because it's a hassle to retouch always.. Lipsticks as you all know are the absolute, absolute staple in every makeup kit!

You might say I can't live without lipsticks and that's so true. Even without an eyeshadow, one can look glam with just the right lipstick. I like the red-browns, berries and red shades.
Here's the 1st one:


stay ultraviolet

oops, sorry it's blurred..

Anyways, apply the non-transfer colour (left) first on clean lips and allow to dry for 1 minute
Then apply the conditioning balm (right) for comfort and shine. You can reapply the balm as often as you can throughout the day!

This lipstick glides on easily and it stays on for as long as 8 hours, even after eating. But not if you ate oily food :). It can easily be removed using baby oil.
This costs 895 ( not cheapo), but i really think the price is just right for a long-wear one. I bought this one at SM San Lazaro.

Here's the 2nd one:



This one i like so much because it really stays on for hours, up to 12 hours.. It's a little bit tedious to apply though because of the applicator but you''ll get used to it in no time. It's shiny so there's no need to apply lip balm anymore. It can be removed easily with baby oil.

The price is 895. Quite steep but worth it. No need for touch-ups. I also bought this one at Sm San Lazaro.

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